Six strikers that could replace Ollie Palmer as the fourth striker

Matty Kennedy


Kennedy impressed in League One on loan at Portsmouth last season, but was released by his parent club Cardiff once they earned a promotion to the top flight.

He’s currently still available, although I’m sure wages would be a stumbling block. What he does offer is flexibility, he can play on the flank as well as through the middle which might appeal to Danny’s philosophy of a smaller, more flexible squad.

Kennedy scored five in 17 League Two starts for Plymouth on loan back in 2016/17, so a drop to our level wouldn’t be such a culture shock. Much would depend on some of the qualities we as fans do not see; attitude, application and ambition. If those things were there, coupled with a willingness to work on a lower wage, then maybe a deal could be struck.




  1. DC named Andrade as a forward in his recent interview, and Andrade said he wanted ot be up top. Shaw’s also on trial – so that potentially gives five already at the club. Are Lincoln actively looking for other options as well?

  2. Agree with you about Andrade Graeme. If Shaw’s trial is successful he could be the ‘unknown quantity.’ In as much as the opposition would not initially know much about him. An impact sub. He is local as we all know. Probably his wages would not be as high as the strikers mentioned above. After all we do not know how much of the transfer budget was used up to get big John Akinde. Danny likes a rough diamond from non league he can work with to polish up. I love it though plenty of if’s buts and maybe’s. We might pick up better clues when the squad is back next week.

  3. Again I agree I believe Andrade was a striker but could play out wide if called upon. I think shaw is a very good prospect and forward line is covered and we need couple of defenders and maybe midfield cover.
    I can’t wait for season to start and looking forward to Tuesday night to see how we line up I am not expecting them to be ‘on method ‘ but to see lots of promising players. Up the imps

    • A couple of defenders and midfield cover? Definitely!… Would like to see Michael Bostwick a permanent central defender. Another defensive midfielder I would particularly like to see brought in.

  4. Tom Miller gone to Bury, not what we were looking for. Need left sided central defender and cover for Eardley.

  5. I want to see an assessment of our youth squad fringe players to see who’s not to far away as far to many lads have been let go in the past who could fit in the squad. Matt Cotton has a great eye for goal full of energy loves the game not much cash would secure the lad.

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