Josh Vickers reveals which Imps staff member brings taste to the dressing room stereo

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Football is a young man’s game and the musical taste of the twenty-somethings representing our football club is bound to differ greatly from me, for instance.

I’m a punk man, I like a bit of folk, some Brit Pop and anything made with guitars and drums. In the dressing room, there’s often a mixture of songs by someone called Drake, with whom I’m not familiar, as well as an assorted of music you’re likely to hear in Home on a Saturday night. My worst nightmare. In my home today you would have been treated to some Rumjacks, followed by a bit of King Blues, described by lead singer Itch as ‘conscious rude-boy ska from London Town’.

For Josh Vickers, the music at work follows him home. He lives with Harry Anderson, the player who is all over the tunes in the dressing room. In previous issues of the club programme, Ellis Chapman has told how he wouldn’t try to play his own choices, Eminem, whilst Michael O’Connor doesn’t do ‘all that downloading’ of music.

Harry’s DJ’ing follows Josh home, but in an upcoming interview with him, set to feature in the programme against Crewe, he revealed he’s perfectly happy to let the wide man have his moment.

“I’m happy with H’s DJ’ing. He does it in the cars on the way to training and when we go to games so I leave him to it. I’m fine with it, I think a few of the boys are a bit unhappy with it, but I leave him to get on with it. He thinks he could be a DJ. He just nicks everyone else’s music to be honest.”

Who is unhappy with it? I might get to find out if Terry Hibberd serves me up the right player for the big interview. Until then, we just have to assume than DJ Haytch is unopposed on the sound system, although there’s a dark horse lurking in the background playing the sort of stuff that would get Indie Billy going ‘mad fer it’ and reaching for his Parka coat like it’s 1996.

“If I could choose the music it would probably be something like Oasis or the Killers. When we get into the changing room, Bourney the kit man has usually got his tunes on, a nice bit of Supernova or other Oasis. It’s great to walk into and he does a great job of picking tunes. Everyone can walk in singing his stuff. Yeah, we should walk out to something like that.”

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