Issue 8 of the Stacey West Podcast out now!!

It’s early, I know. Ben’s off on his jollies and we recorded early. I know that means no Scunthorpe analysis but you know what? It’s the Checkatrade and we’ve already won it. Couldn’t care less about it now.

So what is on today’s menu? The 1-0 win at the weekend features heavily, as does the trip to Port Vale. We’ve got some questions too, although you’ll have to listen to hear what they are.

Bozzy gets likened to a survival expert, I’m pretty sure we have a pop at someone or other and there is just enough swearing to warrant a parental guidance, but nothing that warrants an 18, nor a 15. Basically, we don’t mention people standing in gangways so Ben keeps a lid on it.

Tempted? You should be.