Still in it: Scunthorpe 1-1 Imps (1-3 Pens)

I guess last night had it all, an end to end game, a dramatic equaliser after a goal of the season candidates was ruled out incorrectly and finally a penalty shoot out win in which both keeper and players were heroes. 

Before we go on I’d like to set the record straight. I’m happy we won, I didn’t boycott the game nor did I want us to lose to get it over and done with. I didn’t go because I feel we’re only interested in staying in the competition if it has minimal impact on our season. That is a message conveyed by Danny in his programme notes of another game.

To message me directly and say ‘you’re wrong, he brought Akinde on’ might make you feel superior and by all means feel free to do so, but I was not wrong. I quoted Danny. I didn’t say he wasn’t going to try to win the game, I said it had been prioritised. I’m perfectly happy at spending my money on going to port Vale rather than to Scunthorpe. If you chose last night’s game over Vale then doubtless you’ve been thoroughly entertained. I’m glad, paying fans deserve that.

I’m a little upset I wasn’t there but it was my choice. I half expected a repeat of Mansfield, a Lincoln team that had a go but ultimately got let down by subs. Maybe Danny’s reticence in bringing on the big guns against Flitcroft’s hit squad was a result of the challenges being put in, maybe not. The precedent set by that game suggested we wouldn’t be taking last night as seriously as perhaps we did later on.

It sounds as though it was a good run out for the lads, Sam Slocombe made some morale boosting saves which is nice. He’s not been overly impressive on the field since his arrival and I’ve been told that isn’t reflective of how he is off the pitch, so for Imps fans to see him play well is a big positive. We’ve got enough scapegoats already.

I’m informed Bruno turned the game, but then I could work that out for myself. He’s a top talent and without a doubt one of the best signings of the summer. I haven’t seen his goal but again I’m reliably informed it was onside and should have stood. Last season we saw two cracking games against Everton and Notts County, both with super goals in them and I guess last night was a rerun of that. Players feel they have a certain freedom in the EFL Trophy, just ask the Scunthorpe winger Colclough. He got their Man of the Match but hasn’t been impressive in their side otherwise.

I’m delighted Ellis got a good run in the side last night and by all means he acquitted himself well. Pett starting suggests to me we’ll go O’Connor and Frecklington at the weekend and Harry Anderson obviously impressed with his goal which again, is great. I would have liked to see Matt Green get the goal his all round display deserved, but must offer congratulations to him on the birth of his child too. He didn’t look as though his mind was elsewhere but I suspect any goal he did score would have been dedicated to them.

I’m not going to insult you all by writing my usual analysis of the game, I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have paid to watch it on iFollow and I realise a majority of you will fail to understand this. It might even lose me a few readers. The honest shout is I felt very bitter coming away from the Mansfield game, I felt we were going to simply hold our hands up and admit we weren’t fussed at all. You can’t tell the excellent Kellan Gordon it wasn’t important, a player who is definitely a winger not a full back, but if Danny had to choose between a win tonight and win Saturday then I know which he’d go for. For that reason, I picked Port Vale.

Sadly, or maybe not sadly, Danny Cowley is a winner and he just can’t help himself, can he? When the game went to 1-0, he couldn’t bring himself to leave it alone like he did against Mansfield. I wonder if he had sleepless nights about losing a game we should have won? I wonder if perhaps he thought that the scalp of a League One side was too much to resist. The winner in him just couldn’t let this competition go, not when the chips were down.

Will I be at Wolves? Maybe, yes. I said previously no but sat at home listening to the game, avoiding the various iFollow streams on principle, I felt like I was missing out. I wont lie, as their penalty hit the scoreboard a part of me wanted to be there, I wanted to have experienced that drama and elation for myself. I wasn’t though, I turned my radio off, put another log on the fire and read a book.

Sometimes we make decisions we’re glad to have made, other time we would change things if we could. Would I subscribe to iFollow given my time again? Absolutely not. With hindsight, knowing how we went at it last night, would I go to the game? Would I see a Lincoln City victory at the finish of an end to end game of football between two committed sides?

Yes, of course I would. I’m a Lincoln fan. To suggest I’m anything other is lunacy.


  1. Good points Gary. I listened to the commentary mainly to see how the rarely used players would do. Can’t say I was too bothered when they scored. But I was still delighted when we equalised and won on penalties!

  2. Nice write-up Gary
    Like you, I chose Port Vale and would again.

    But agree with hindsight, last night sounded awesome on the radio and I found myself regretting not going.

    See you in Stoke

  3. Checkatrade has been brilliant for the Imps! Last year to earn us a large part o the cash that has underpinned our progress this season, this to give competitive games to the utterly impressive “squad” players. I still wonder at the progress under Danny and Nicky. Its a dream surely. I’m sorry but who goes to what match and what any individuals views are about checkatrade are irrelevant to me. The big picture is an Imps revival that none of us old diehards could have dreamed of! Up the Imps!

  4. Massive shout out to the 800 + that made the journey. Amazing turnout. I wasn’t there either and I didn’t fancy it one bit if I’m totally honest. Had the radio on and will always want us to win but I wouldn’t have been gutted if we’d been beaten last night. I know the competition was good for us last season but the league is the priority without doubt.

    • Would be embarrassing for Rheady, Akinde’s outscored and surely out-assisted so far this season compared with Rheady at same stage last season. Macc? MK?? (and won the free kick which lead to the first goal); Exeter???

  5. It was a great match. No it was a brilliant match. The Iron are a top League One team and only by brilliant defending did we avoid several keeper 1 on 1s for the first 10 min .from then on we looked good. We looked very good. Every body who played played hard no one slacked no one backed off. For .every minute of the game we looked hungry we were looking to win All the goals were wonderful whether they were allowed or not. The penalty shoot out was brilliant our two saves testament to a well briefed & skilled keeper and in the end the pressure got to them first handing us the game with missed penalties.

    Our fans came and kept coming we filled the stadium with sectioned off areas having to be opened to accommodate the swelling numbers of imps. We sang and we chanted if in an uncoordinated way at first BUT by the end every one sang every one chanted with one imp voice Brilliant!!!

    It was a great game of football up there with mk dons or Coventry away IMO.

    I won’t get dragged into City season priorities we all know what we want to win or into who should or should not be in the so called first team either. If who ever we play plays like we did last night and wants it more than the opposition for 90 min then we can have it all.

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