The XI we think Danny Cowley should go with tonight

MC: Ellis Chapman

(Courtesy of Graham Burrell)

Picture the scenes. You’re a 17-year old who breaks into his hometown team and starts the season. You’re entrusted with a starting role in a League Two game but because of how the opposition set up, you’re taken off at half time. Through no fault of your own.

Then, the three players you’re in competition with turn up the ante. The returning hero bangs in a goal as you’re in the dugout, the former captain of a play off rival hits fitness and form and even a so-called winger settles in and demonstrates he’s one of the best central midfielders the club has.

What luck.

Still, there’s always Scunthorpe United to face, hopefully Ellis can show the fan base there’s four players competing for those midfield roles, not three.


  1. Forget the doubters… they don’t have a clue. Akinde is playing well, the front players link with him well and the team is winning. I don’t get this lack of confidence assumption. It is about the team not individual goal stats… Akinde,have a rest and be on it again at Port Vale.

  2. Grant Smith not on bench Saturday pending a possible loan move. Surely the third string becomes second string and needs games… Not Smith for me. Akinde? Can’t see it. He has just been onvolved in 3 games in 10 days. Even if he bags a couple people will say it was only against a second string defence. The opportunity I expect will be given to Rheady to push for a start with the regular back 4 rested except for Toffolo.

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