The XI we think Danny Cowley should go with tonight


CF: Matt Green

Touting Matt Green as a starter in the EFL Trophy feels, to me, like suggesting you wear your best trainers to go out picking up rubbish on community service. There’s a time and a place for a player like Green and it isn’t playing against Scunthorpe reserves on a Tuesday night shortly after(or while) his missus is giving birth.

I’m naming him because I want to see him partner my next pick. I’m hoping he can prove that they can play together and that he no longer becomes the Plan B.

There’s reasons he won’t play, one being his partner’s situation, the other maybe being Danny wanting to save him, but the chances are he’ll play and partner Rheady.

I don’t want to see that.


  1. Forget the doubters… they don’t have a clue. Akinde is playing well, the front players link with him well and the team is winning. I don’t get this lack of confidence assumption. It is about the team not individual goal stats… Akinde,have a rest and be on it again at Port Vale.

  2. Grant Smith not on bench Saturday pending a possible loan move. Surely the third string becomes second string and needs games… Not Smith for me. Akinde? Can’t see it. He has just been onvolved in 3 games in 10 days. Even if he bags a couple people will say it was only against a second string defence. The opportunity I expect will be given to Rheady to push for a start with the regular back 4 rested except for Toffolo.

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