Player Assessment with a third of the season gone – Pt4

Lee Frecklington

It genuinely baffles me when I see criticism of Freck. Some were calling for O’Connor and Pett to be our midfield two, leaving Freck on the bench. That would be utter madness. He’s an experienced head, he’s Lincoln from head to toe and more importantly than that, he’s quality.

I know there was the sending off against Crawley, a poor touch and a rash attempt at winning the ball, but in my eyes it was a frustrated tackle because as a team we weren’t pushing the envelope. It’s his team remember, he’s the captain and our success and failure lands on his shoulders almost as much as it does Danny’s.

We miss him when he’s out and again, I know there will be those who point to the winning run while he was suspended, but on the whole we miss him. I thought he looked dangerous when he got close to Akinde this weekend, the game plan clearly being something like a 4-5-1 with Freck looking to break from the five to help the big man. It worked on occasion but injury is still not Lee’s friend.

If he remains fit for 70% of our games we’ll be top three this season. That is my opinion, such is the quality and influence of a man I admire greatly and another of the current squad who will still be in the stands revered as a hero when he’s 75 years old.

Best Moment

I thought he was excellent against Notts County, he ran the show like a leader should and probably had his best game since his return. The penalty against Bury was crucial though and he impressed right up until the Crawley red.