Player Assessment with a third of the season gone – Pt4

Neal Eardley

I’d better be careful what I say here, because an hour after this goes out I’m ringing Neal to talk about the Northampton game!!

Would it be fair to say that he’s not been as ‘stand out’ as last season. He oozed quality in the last campaign, but this time he’s perhaps not quite reached those heights. Some have lauded his relationship with Harry Anderson, at times I’ve felt Neal has been frustrated at Harry’s runs as the two haven’t been on the same wavelength. I don’t think they’re as effective on the right as Harry Toffolo and Bruno Andrade.

That said, Neal is still quality and is as calm and composed as any of the defenders were have at our disposal. He’s League One quality without a shadow of a doubt and brings a balance to the right side of the park we don’t get with any of his understudies.

I suspect that injury that has him ruled out at the moment has affected him in recent weeks, but he’ll be back to shore up the defence very soon. We hope.

Best Moment

Only four players have started as many games as Neal which makes picking his best moment harder because there’s more to choose from!

Away at Exeter I thought he was brilliant, along with the rest of the side. Oddly, according to ESPN stats, he doesn’t have any assists this season. They’ve clearly not spotted his opening day cross for Matt Green.