‘Simply can’t wait’ – Some fan reaction from the Imps FA Cup 3rd round draw

Lincoln City are the side who never do well in the cup, the team who get to the third round but never pull out the big boys.

Last time we got Ipswich, away. The time before that we got Sunderland, a Championship club at the time, at home. No disrespect, they’re both bigger clubs than us, but when is it our turn?

Even when we drew a top flight club in the third round, back in 1994, it was Crystal Palace away, arguably not as big as the Sunderland game. When we did finally get one of the big clubs, we had to fight to the quarter-final for the right.

Not no more.

Today, the football gods smiled on us. Back when I was growing up there as a ‘big five’, Everton being one of them. They’re going great guns in the Premier League right now and have been members ever since it began in 1992.

In fact, they’ve been members of the top flight since 1954. They’re winners of European trophies and league titles. They’re a huge draw. The fact Clive Nates is a fan is a great story, but the real story here is Lincoln City.

Finally, we get to go to a Premier League ground without having to battle through energy-sapping rounds. we can have our big day and get it out of the way in January, then concentrate on the league having been to Goodison.

Unless…. well, you know. The magic of the cup.

It’s great to get a decent draw and hopefully it will help unite the fan base, not least because there’s around 6,000 ST holders and a similar allocation. Still, that can all be decided in time.

Tonight, like the fans below, I’m just delighted to get a good draw and have a top day out.