The Thank You Article: Accrington Stanley

I got a bit bored with the long and slightly clickbait title, so from now on this regular feature will simply be known as the ‘thank you’ article. You know what it is by now, here by popular demand it covers things for us to thank our opponents for, and other things we wouldn’t be so grateful of.

It might be a player they gave us who was rubbish, or one we gave them who turned into a gem. It might be a specific game or something else that went off between the two teams. As tonight is a Checkatrade Trophy game, or rather ‘half a game’ then we’ll only be doing half an article. Nothing to do with a lack of material, honest guv!

Without further ado and after a frighteningly short introduction here’s the reasons we should thank Accrington, and the reasons we shouldn’t.


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  1. Apologies to disagree but Green had a great opportunity to score late on in the game AS were winning dribbled his way through 4 defenders before fluffing his shot near the penalty spot.

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