Stacey West Pod Episode 17 Out Now

It’s been out since 11am I’m just slack. I forgot to do the article and queue it up last night and then I was busy this morning covering Paul Clement’s sacking for Football League World.

Still, I did find time in the schedule to record another episode of the Stacey West, one where we address (but don’t solve) the technical issues we’ve been having, where we do everything we can to remain positive but still have a little moan at the expected wave of ‘Everton hysteria’ and where we find a great alternative to Shag, Marry, Kill or Snog, Marry, Avoid as some know it.

You know what to do by now. Thanks for the nice feedback, also thanks to Kev McCarthy whom I believed said something along the lines of him not listening because it’s monotonous. You should get together with my Dad, he reckons we go on a bit to!


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  1. Could you get you co-pilot to listen back to his performance over the last three weeks.
    . Far too many Yeas, erms and ehs. Bloody annoying.

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