Stevenage: The Thank You Article

It’s a little late this week, I’d make up some lame excuse about being busy but you’ll be sick of those by now.

These articles seem to go down well, are you lot still a fan of them? They’re light-hearted I know, but they do allow me to delve into the annals of history and pull a few different players and matches out which as you know, I love.

Anyway, why hang about? Let’s get straight into it, with two things we can thank Stevenage for and two things they’ll be getting nothing but a nasty stare and some tutting. We’ll start with the obvious one.

Thank You For: Tom Pett

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

I say it often, but I’d championed Tom Pett for ages before he signed. he just seemed to be a Danny player, coming out of non-league but with a desire to improve and the ability to match. When he did sign I was delighted, hoping my player sense would be proven right, but for the first half of 2018 he was a bit, well, meh.

Not through any fault of his own I might add. He’d uprooted, moved to Lincoln and was given sporadic chances in what we now know to be unfavoured positions. He had be billed as a winger previously, but his dynamic runs from the centre of the park are becoming a trademark, as are his long range drives and never-ending work ethic.

He shone against Yeovil on the final day of last season and hasn’t looked back. Stevenage wanted to keep him, there’s no doubt about that so the best we can do is just say thanks and move on. Here’s hoping he has a say in the result tomorrow.