Matt Green rumour confirmed by reputable website

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

We’ve all heard the latest, Matt Green is going to Salford. Those who heard it from a friend in the pub have been peddling it as if they’re in the know for weeks now.

This weekend I was inundated with people coming up to me telling me how they’d heard from a reliable source Green was off and would I do an article on it. I wouldn’t. 

Today, reputable website HITC have broken the news that Matt Green is indeed close to a Salford move, with several clubs looking to hijack the switch. However, it appears as though Graham Alexander has stolen the impetus and bagged himself our 17-goal leading scorer from last season.

The rumours appeared to gain validity when Green threw his shirt into the crowd at the end of the 3-1 win this weekend, but when Pete O’Rourke reports it’s happening, the likelihood is that it’s going ahead.

I’ll be bringing more reaction and thought on this later on today, but for now it seemed only right to address the rumours and finally add some validity to all those who seem to have known for ages.

For the record, the fee I’ve heard thrown around is £75,000, whether that is close or not is a case of conjecture, but there will be a fee and it will be worth our while. Green has started two league games this season, but I shall be incredibly sad to see him go, should that be the outcome of the reports.

It also confirms the curse of my memorabilia wall. In the past year and a half I’ve had signed pictures of Nathan Arnold, Paul Farman, Alex Woodyard, Luke Waterfall and Matt Green on my wall. I’ve currently got Green and Matt Rhead.

I promise not to get Bruno or Bozzy done for a while.




  1. Sad to lose him S he is still good enough for this league but if 75K is correct it’s good business to sell to a team not in our league.

  2. Sad, but quite clear Danny doesn’t see him as the future and his game time he has been afforded reflects that. £75k for someone that can barely get in the team is good business and will go a long way towards paying the relevant fee to secure McCartan (should we go down that route). Quite clear which one Danny sees as the most important to him.

  3. Its ok for fans to be sentimental about their favourite player but you wont get it from the management team. Every player has their performance ceiling. Its no coincidence that our stand out consistent performers have all plied their trade at a higher level. Popular and as nice a lad by all accounts, the inclusion in the side on a regular basis of Matt Green will not get you promoted from League Two.

  4. If this is true it’s bad news on every level, for the Imps and for Matt himself as this would be a backward move for him. Matt could do much better for himself than Salford if he must leave Lincoln. My personal view is that we will very much miss him if he goes, an adequate replacement would likely cot more than the £75,000 quoted as his fee.

    • Sadly Salford are a Forest Green but without the small village feel. They are ambitious and backed heavily. They will be up in the league before long. He can get a good pay day there as well so best of luck to him

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