Matt Green Speculation: Reaction and our verdict

Courtesy Graham Burrell

There’s been lots of talk about the future of Matt Green, fuelled by him throwing his shirt into the crowd this weekend and set alight by journalist Pete O’Rourke this morning.

Everything else you read, on here, on the Echo site, on the so-called ‘in the know’ Twitter accounts, all come from those two incidents. It’s also not hard to put two and two together, is it? Greeny hasn’t been playing, he’s out of contract in the summer and any side wanting to take him now will have to pay a fee.

We’re a business and as Danny has said, every player has a price. Matt Green, is the rumours is to be believed, has one that ranges from £80k to £100k and that is likely to be matched, once again according to rumour, by Salford City. There’s a lot of talk that Matt doesn’t want to drop out of the Football League and (sadly) the only takers at that asking price in our division are Mansfield Town. That’s all it is though, rumour.

I wanted to give my initial reaction to the news, then throw in some of the message flying around this evening on social media. For what it is worth, I’ll be gutted if Matt goes, but given the evidence it does look almost certain. Danny won’t want to get rid of him and without a doubt he would consider Greeny a part of the side, a key player at that. He might be coming on late in games, but his legs will help stretch teams in the final quarter of an hour.

Sadly, that won’t be enough for a professional like Matt Green who still has first team football in him. He’s certainly a top League Two striker and wherever he goes, he’ll be a success. I would sincerely hope we don’t do a deal with a rival, but money talks. if Mansfield offered £100k and Matt wanted to go, I don’t think Danny or the club would stand in his way.

I always felt we missed a trick not playing Matt and John Akinde together, something I put to Danny in a chat the other week. He explained, far more eloquently than I ever could, why it was not possible, which aspects of Matt’s game clashed with John and vice versa. It became apparent that he’d given it thought and looked at the options, but that it wasn’t something he could accommodate within our current method. Those who believe football is easy would say ‘change the method then’, but it isn’t that easy. Deep down, you know that. If Danny, a man who breathes Lincoln City, believes the two can’t play together I’m inclined to take him at his word.

Football is odd and it seems Matt Green has improved in our fans’ eyes by not being in the squad. Last season he apparently didn’t score enough goals, this season he’s been on the edge of the first team and is the answer to our problems. My opinion is we should work hard to keep him but there’s little point if it costs us £100,000 to do so.

As a proxy shirt sponsor of Matt, and as someone who has championed him from day one, I feel desperate sad we might lose him, even more so to someone like Mansfield. His attitude since being dropped has been superb and whenever I’ve been able to chat to him he’s come across as a thoroughly nice bloke. it is my huge regret that I’ve not interviewed him for the club programme and it would appear as though I won’t be doing so.

Still, football is a job for the players and a business in which the clubs needs to remain viable off the field as well as successful on it. I have little doubt that we’ll be scouting replacements as we speak, Danny will have someone lined up I’m sure. The two transfer windows last season were characterised by an inability to attract the right centre forward to the club, but there’s surely no chance that we’d make that mistake again, not when the hard work has seemingly been done in the first six months. I’ve got a few rough ideas as to who we might target as a replacement, doubtless I’ll stick them in a ‘click-friendly’ gallery for you at some point this week.

All that is left to say is that until we hear otherwise, Matt is a Lincoln City player and I hope if he does go he throws his shirt into the terracing at Cambridge on the 29th, with a keen emphasis on spotting the huge ginger beard and inevitable beanie hat I’ll be sporting. He’s a player I’ve very much enjoyed seeing in a Lincoln shirt and, if something changes, would welcome seeing much more of as we moved towards League One. However, nobody can begrudge him, nor his family the chance to secure a future sooner rather than later.

Here’s a selection of your opinions from Twitter to wrap up this short piece.


  1. Greeny gives his all but is he a top Div 2 striker? We need players to come in who are potential Div1 quality. Danny Contributers on Social Media need to wake up to the fact that you have to develop and grow the quality of the squad. If you do not you are in danger of being shuffled back into the pack.

  2. Well now we know why Danny Cowley has had him on the bench all season,he doesn’t consider him league material ! Well better luck at Salford City than Nation Arnold Matt I wish you well.will his best mate be next to go ?

  3. “Last season he apparently didn’t score enough goals, this season he’s been on the edge of the first team and is the answer to our problems”

    That in a nutshell is football. The best players is always the one not playing and the worst is the one on the pitch. Big John is scoring goals and causing havoc and gets grief. Way back before it would take three games to get 5.5k fans having watched Lincoln (not an FA cup game away), Adi Yussuf had to play and would sort everything out and was the best player of all time. This is the issue with Matt Green. Will he come in and be the scorer he was, or will he come in and be as Yussuf was when he finally did play? Good striker but if there is 100k on offer it is definitely worth listening to.

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