‘The Best Team Lost’ – Newport manager after Imps win

I’m running behind today, so my usual reflections will come after this article, maybe even as late as early evening. However, I couldn’t let this gem pass you by.

Yesterday was a great game between two good sides and I was keen to discuss how Newport were a good side, much as we proved we were for parts of the game. However, in-demand Exiles manager Mickey Flynn seems to have laboured under the illusion that his side were the best yesterday afternoon.

The score doesn’t suggest so, the first thirty minutes didn’t suggest so and neither did the middle part of the second half. You could perhaps get away with saying ‘evenly matched’, but had we not committed one, maybe two individual errors the game ends 3-0. Despite that, Newport were the better side according to Flynn.

“We knew Lincoln would start bright, we knew they’d throw things at us and everything went out of the window in the first 25 minutes,” he told the club’s official site.

“Once we got back into the game, we were the better team by far. We created more chances than Lincoln, we outplayed them second half but conceded poor goals. As soon as we scored our first goal, I heard Danny go into the dressing room and he absolutely slaughtered their players – I could hear it. We were on top before that point as well.”

“But we conceded a third goal which was poor, and it results in the best team losing.”

There will be a full article from me later today, but I had to get this out there now. We played the best football of the season in those first thirty minutes, maybe the best under Danny Cowley and yet eighth-placed Newport were the better team?

I look forward to seeing them storm up the division in the coming weeks.


  1. Managers say that sort of thing….especially within minutes of the end of the game…its not something to get worked up about.

  2. Even if not true the guy is ok saying wgat he did surely, Ge us talking to his players,supporters and boss.
    And surely in this case he has a point as they were strong.

  3. Smith made two or three excellent saves in the first half and they missed a good headed opportunity in second. We should have been in control at 2-0 and 3-1 but let them back into it. They’re a decent side, Amond is a good striker and thought Semenyo was a handful, particularly against Eardley. Fortunately, their defence is poor which is way they still have negative goal difference. Each time we ran at them, they looked scared and wish we kept on having a go at them. Start of the second half we responded well to their pressure and looked in control, but each time they put a cross in or had a corner, we seemed to panic and invite trouble.

  4. They were worth a point in my opinion. Happy we took all 3 though! After conceding two early goals they stuck to their game plan and nearly got something out of the game. Important points for us though.

  5. Makes me laugh out loud. “A better team” simply can’t concede three goals away from home and expect to win? How were they better when at least one of their goals was down to a defensive howler. Granted they were good, but not that good….

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