The Peterborough Link – Who’s in the frame?

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony has sparked rumours that we’re interested in doing even more business with Posh this transfer window.

It doesn’t take much to work fans up into a lather and from the vocal chairman, but two words was all it took. He was asked by SW reader Craig if he’d had contact with the Imps, to which he replied he had.

When another user quizzed him further, he confirmed that it was regarding a player going out of London Road.

Whatever your thoughts on MacAnthony, he is the new breed of chairman who like to be visible on Twitter, sometimes having to take a lot of rough with the occasional smooth. It’s tough on them at the moment, Steve Evans’ tenure is not working out as planned an they’re in danger of losing their grip on the promotion chase.


Still, whatever happens to them, there’s a chance we’re going to be in for one of their players. Who though? Who are the likely candidates and why? In true SW tradition, here are the players we might be interested in from Peterborough United.

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  1. Well we know we watched them before Xmas so who knows we may be back there.I cant see Evans or Raynor developing anybody.
    What about the posh going for Andrade?

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