Everton Build Up: Another Evertonian Imp – we catch up with Jay Deak

Jay away at Young Boys of Switzerland

It seems that the ill-fated link up between Everton and Lincoln bore more fruits than many realised. the story of Clive Nates is one we’re all familiar with, but what of the other Evertonians impressed by the early link up?

Jay Deak is a staunch Everton fan who counts Lincoln as his second team. He’s a regular reader of the Stacey West and visits the Bank whenever matches at Goodison allow. He’s taken some time to tell us a bit about his affinity with our wonderful club.

Jay started off by telling us how he became a fan of both clubs.

“I’m an Evertonian because of my dad and follow Everton home and away every week, including some great European trips over the past few years. I started following the imps in 2001 when Everton had a partnership with Lincoln (same as Clive Nate’s reason) and my Nan also lived in Lincolnshire so I asked her could she take me to Sincil Bank when I was down there.”

He then told us how his side have looked this season and what sort of side we might expect to come up against.

“Our season so far has been a transitional one and at the moment it isn’t going too well. Before the derby defeat to Liverpool we were looking a promising side but that game has deflated us and we’ve only won one out of seven since.”

“I’m really hoping he puts the strongest side out possible! I have a feeling he will make some changes like he did in the Carabao Cup earlier in the season (Southampton knocked us out on pens).”

Jay (on the left) outside Goodison Park

There’s plenty for Everton to fear in the Imps squad. as the excellent stats from Oz yesterday demonstrated, they don’t like a set piece and Jay agrees our physical presence is an area of concern.

“The Imps presence up front with big players like Akinde and Rhead worries me with our defence and I know every player will be proper up for the fight against us. Also I know the 5,500 away fans will create a brilliant atmosphere.”

With regards to travelling fans, the Goodison regular has this advice.

“I’m sure everyone has probably researched everything about their trip to Goodison now, but Id just say to take it all in as Goodison will be gone in a few years and it really is one of the last old traditional stadiums left in the country. Although I do apologise for the many obstructed views haha!”

To finish we asked Jay to indulge us with his greatest moment as an Everton fan, and the most memorable when he’s been watching the Imps.

“I will have to say beating Man United at Old Trafford in 2013 after not winning there for 20 years is my Everton highlight! As for Lincoln, being at the Burnley game when Raggett scored that goal! Also the Torquay home game when they went 1-0 up in the last 10 mins and then the Imps fought back to win 2-1 was a brilliant moment.”