Value in other people’s loans: Top three I would love to see us sign this window

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The January window always throws up rumours, half truth and speculation, with the Imps linked to players and transfers throughout.

The recent rumours have seen us heavily linked with Cian Bolger, as well as Peterborough midfielder Mark O’Hara. Both are very good players, although neither fill the holes in the side that fans feel we have.

The likelihood is that Lincoln City will move in the loan market in order to replace Matt Green, bringing in a player who belongs to someone else and who we probably couldn’t afford were we to buy him outright. Furthermore, I strongly suspect Danny would prefer to get a player who has played football already this season

That means there’s value in raiding clubs for players who have already been out on loan. it makes perfect sense, going for players with some football under their belt, recalled by their parent club for one reason or another. There’s three that jump to my mind, three who would perfectly fit the bill. 

Here we go, another transfer gallery to get the juices flowing. These are the three Matt Green replacements I’d like to see us sign on loan this window, all of whom have already been out on loan with other clubs.