Thanks / No Thanks: Bury

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

These articles can sometimes be tough to put together. There’s some clubs we don’t seem to have a lot of dealings with but in terms of Bury, that’s not the case.

I usually approach this by searching ‘Bury’ on my A to Z manuscript to check out players from 1993 onwards who have swapped clubs. Occasionally I know of players before that time but it’s why much of the input is recent. I then check past meetings, have a think myself to see if there’s any reason to thank them (or not), then make a list to pick from.

On my Bury list this week are eight players, deals and miscellaneous (as you’ll see). It’s my job to whittle that down to four for your loving enjoyment.

Are you ready? Let’s rock and roll.


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  1. True, Morgan was as cultured a centre back as I have seen here in 60 years. Though Ray Harford ran him close (joke!)

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