Adolescent football humour sparks drive for good cause

A cringe moment for one of our local rivals chairman is being turned into a drive to raise funds for a good cause, courtesy of my ‘shirt off’ buddy Danny Nesbitt.

Unless you live in a cave, you will have noted this week that Notts County owner Alan Hardy had a rather embarrassing time of it when he accidentally tweeted a picture of his genitals to the world. Beleaguered Hardy has come under pressure from fans this season and seeing his old chap on a tweet really hasn’t helped things.

He put the club up for sale the next day and doubtless vowed to learn how to use his phone properly.

Imps fans have decided to turn up to the game with a collection of inflatable penises this weekend, aimed at mocking the opposition chairman. It might be juvenile but it will also be very, very funny. 

To combat the slightly purile element of the humour, Danny has come together with Jack Mulhall to start a Just Giving page, prompted by Hardy’s dick pic, in support of the Prostate Cancer Charity. this is something I’ve certainly contributed to and many others have too, there’s been £700 raised in less than a day.

Danny said:  “It’s taken from the incident with Alan Hardy’s chap and the tomfoolery of fans taking inflatables to the game of Saturday. We have turned a negative story into a positive one and want to promote Prostate Cancer awareness. It’s a bit controversial what happened, but we are having a laugh, encouraging people to enjoy the day and most importantly promote that charity.”

I’ll be honest, as a man just turning 40 I know at some point I’ve got to be examined and it’s not a situation I’m looking forward too, but prostate cancer is a killer and all the money that can be raised, as well as awareness could save lives.

Let’s help turn Alan Hardy’s misfortune into a force for good, eh? You can visit the Just Giving page here.