“Never count the big man out” – 75% of Stacey West readers want Matt Rhead to sign a new deal

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Matt Rhead is close to being offered an extension to his current terms and that seems like a popular choice amongst Imps’ fans.

514 of our readers have voted as to whether they want him to remain at the club, with 58% sending a resounding yes and a further 27% thinking they should build a statue of him outside the ground. Only 15% thought it was time to move on, but in the interest of balance we’ve included tweets from all three voting categories below.

The main issue those who are against a new deal see is a lack of game time and the one-dimensional way we set up once he comes on the field. There’s no doubt his unique skill set does see us go long, his mobility issues mean he has to be partnered up top so we inevitably end up in a flat 4-4-2. That adds pressure on the midfield and often sees us by-pass some very talented players.

look at the love handles on that number five!! They say Rheady is a big lad! Courtesy Graham Burrell

However, when he comes on he gives everyone a lift, the crowd and the players on the field. He’s clearly a popular figure and has earned the right to be adored by the home fans. He’s the longest-serving player at the club, he has 50 goals from 174 outings and any new deal would likely see him through the 200 appearances barrier. 

That is remarkable for a man who came into the professional game at 27 and is currently 34-years-old. To put some perspective on that, Percy Freeman hit 64 goals in 152 outings. He’s classed as an all-time legend of the club. 

Is Rheady a legend? That’s a debate for an other time, but the discussions over a new deal do, in the main, seem to be what the fans want.



  1. The man is a legend…. if it was up to me I would give him a new deal.. build a statue and name a stand after him.. plus give him a lifetime supply of haslet and stuffed chine

  2. I hope he goes into coaching as soon as possible. Local bus companies are always desperate for drivers.

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