Stacey West Fanzine: Call to arms

It’s that time again; at the end of the month we’re hoping to commit issue 4 of the fanzine to print.

Chris and I have already had some great material sent in, Malcolm Johnson’s series has carried on and as usual he’s all ready to hit the printers.

We’re looking for the rest of you to get anything in you’d like. It can be funny or serious, modern-day or looking back in time. Whatever it is, there’s a place for it on the pages of the Stacey West.

If you’ve any suggestions or question, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to help. All submissions to the same address please.

If you missed out on Issue 3, which many of you did, there’s two ways to buy. we’ve listed it on eBay recently, and I’ll bring a selection of copies to the ground this Friday evening.

Thanks to the printer’s error we ended up bringing the Xmas edition out on January 1st, which wasn’t ideal. it’s not been on sale since and we’ve got a stack of back copies currently clogging up my car boot!

In the wake of that round of sales we were able to sponsor Danny Rowe for the season. Sadly, he hasn’t scored since…..

You can buy on eBay here.