5 Players who might be available to us again if we are promoted in May

Courtesy Graham Burrell

There’s a pattern that tends to emerge with Danny’s recruitment. He goes for players who are League One quality, sometimes missing out because of that very fact.

He’s a demanding man is our Danny. He wants players with the right attitude. Therefore, if a player gets a League One offer as well as one from us, our manager likes to see them take the other offer; it shows ambition.

Recently that’s not been the case. We’re a serious prospect now for League One, so when Cian Bolger turns down bigger moves, there’s no lack of ambition because that’s where we’re intending to be next season.

Moving up a notch opens up a whole host of possibilities in terms of recruitment, but remember Danny is a creature of habit. He’s a man who has targets and goes back for them time and again. Danny Rowe, Harry Anderson and Shay McCartan all being classic examples.

In being promoted to League One, new avenues open up. Not only that, but players we’ve coveted in the past have struggled this season too. Time moves on, players values rise and fall but their ability does not. Danny knows this, so is there a chance one of these five might reappear at the Bank over the course of the summer, if we’re promoted?

Disclaimer: I know there’s some of you who don’t like this type of article, believing it veers away from responsible, sensible blogging. Please, if you’re one of those people, just don’t read it. Viewing figures suggest they’re just as popular as anything else I do and I try to cater for all tastes. 



  1. If I could have my pick out of that list it would be Raggett without a doubt. What I wouldn’t give to see him back in an Imps shirt.

  2. A big YES to Woodyard, definitely would love to see him come back. I would also go for Szmodics as he is quality, while I would not be averse to having Raggett back either.

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