Mark O’Hara transfer option revealed

Opted to join us after seeing the crowd in action - Courtesy Graham Burrell

The Imps have an option to sign midfielder Mark O’Hara permanently this summer, as revealed by Darragh MacAnthony in a social media exchange yesterday.

The former Kilmarnock and Dundee player has settled into the Imps’ first team in recent weeks, starting six matches and bagging once, against Yeovil a fortnight ago.

That goal gave us the five-point cushion and breathing space needed for a few sleep-filled nights, but his overall contribution has been telling.

The 23-year-old is an athletic central midfielder, industrious but with great aerial ability too. In a side that revels in delivering good set pieces, he should thrive. That is, once we resume delivering good set pieces…

Anyway, last night Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony indulged fans, as he does, with a QnA in which he was candid about much of their current situation.

It was revealing, he explained how much they’d pent on loan deals, what their transfer policy would be and a host of other issues too. He did announce that we had an option to buy O’Hara, but that other clubs were also interested.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It will be fascinating to see what the option actually is. it’s believed we had something similar with Lee Angol a year or two ago, but we were outbid. Surely, if there’s no set price and no protection from vultures, that’s not an option to buy? It’s like saying you have an option to buy milk from Tesco, unless someone else gets there first and buys it.

MacAnthony also revealed that the Imps are due to pay Posh a ‘six-figure’ sum upon on promotion.

This isn’t a huge surprise. We have taken the likes of Harry Anderson and Michael Bostwick from them, which doubtless would have involved certain clauses that delivered extra money to them if we went up. It’s galling of course, knowing we’re funding their promotion push next season even though we’ve had the players for some time, but that’s the down side of a ‘buy now, pay later’ deal.

That’s not to say we didn’t pay a sum up front, of course we did, but those players have helped us get promoted and both could have cost more than they did at the time. As they’ve shown their worth, we’re now obliged to keep our side of the deal.

It’s a small price to pay for Harry surging into the area only to be bundled over by a keeper, or for Bozzy to kick anything that moves for 90 minutes.



  1. Both excellent recently and O’Hara in particular will be a great addition as he covers a lot of ground as well as being dangerous in the opposition box.
    He will get better and better and is a marquee signing in my opinion whatever the price.
    Danny certainly knows how to pick them!

  2. Options to buy are rarely very binding. If the price had been fixed then Imps would also have needed to commit to purchase – this then would have been a ‘contract’. Imps would not have wanted that and anyway agreeing a price that far away.
    I guess the deal is that Imps have first refusal at a market price at the time.

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