Stacey West Quiz #244 – You the Ref

I’ve been working on some fiendish questions for the upcoming Cowley v Cowley event. Fiendish I tell you.

In the course of doing so and without giving anything away, I’ve decided to try something a bit different on here. I’ve been looking at some laws of the game, something we all love to debate.

I’ve come up with ten situations in which there’s a decision to be made. Will you make it right?

I appreciate some of these may be contested by the referees I know, but I’ve checked them extensively. It’s why you might not get any more like this, it’s taken bloody ages!!!

By the way, if you’re either Danny or Nicky looking for clues to the answers in here, don’t! Nicky did tell me last year he had a go at some of the quizzes in preparation for the event!

Click here to have a stab at being the man in the middle



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  1. Gary on the one where Gilkes tipped it into his own net following the gust of wind you would apply advantage and give a goal. A decision should never reward the offending side and this one would. Advantage can be played in any situation except where the ball has gone out of play. I.e you must, in those circumstances award a throw in, goal kick or corner as appropriate. On the throw in to Gilkes I would have thought it was play on, but can’t access your source link

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