Don’t forget Cowley v Cowley (inc SW Quiz 246)

It’s quiz time again! Before we go into that though, how are you set for Cowley v Cowley?

I’ve set some of the questions again, although they’re bound to be easier for the gaffer and Nicky aren’t they? After all, they’ve only been here since things went well, but you lot mostly remember the bad times too!

It’s on April 15th, you’ll have to tape the new series of Game of Thrones first episode (if ‘taping’ is still a thing). Last year was excellent, thoroughly good fun and this year promises to be much the same.

You can secure your tickets here.

Right, now that’s covered, who fancies a bit of a quiz? Today, we’re just going to be answering questions about the Imps various records. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

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