How Would You Help The Imps Out If You Won the Lottery?

Winning the lottery may be a pipedream, but it does happen. Now, if you’re a diehard Imps fan and you won the lottery, the question is, would you help your club?

Right now, the club is ascending quicker than anyone ever thought imaginable under the stewardship of the Cowleys. But for any legitimate City fan, the option to help out our resurgent Imps is definitely something we’ve all probably pondered at least once in our dreams.

We not saying you need to splurge all your (fictional) winnings on guiding the Imps up the football league ranks or buy anything in line with Business Insider’s list of outlandish purchases by lottery winners. But a little help could go a long way. And, well, we can all dream, right?

While the Cowleys are doing a sterling job, as well as managing to galvanise an entire city, a bigger budget certainly wouldn’t go amiss. So what would you do if you won the lottery? How would you help the Cowley brothers shape this Lincoln team into an altogether more intimidating prospect, if we do in fact manage to gain promotion this season?

So let’s quickly break down the possibilities.

Lets say you win £10 million on the lottery, and decide to donate 20% of that to the Imps’ cause – that’s £2 million (for the purpose of this article we won’t get into taxes). While it might pale into comparison next to jackpots in other major lotteries across the world such as the WorldMillions, which Lottoland suggest has a prize pot of €100 million (£86.2 million), the aforementioned £2 million could go a long way to helping the Imps reach another level.

So what exactly could the Imps do with that sort of money?

Expand Sincil Bank

There has been a lot of talk about either moving to a new site or expanding Sincil Bank. With it fit to burst at times this season, next year could mean even more season tickets being sold at Sincil Bank. As we discussed in our article ‘Sincil Bank Move – Is it Becoming Less Likely?’ the chances are the City board will choose to remain in the town centre, and a ground – that while overflowing with a new generation of Imps fans – is without doubt the right choice at the minute. If building plans could be pushed through then the potential of either developing the family stand, extending the St. Andrews or even (dare we say it the Stacey West) could be a distinct possibility. The extra money would also be able to improve some of the facilities in either of these areas for the corporate side of things. Which leads us to our next point…

Improve the Corporate Side of Match Days

For anyone that has been in the corporate boxes, they will know that while they offer decent views of the pitch, they could certainly do with an upgrade. One huge improvement this year is the main box, which has been overhauled by away sponsors APSS. They’ve done a wonderful job of turning the box into a luxury lounge with TVs showing Sky Sports, swivel chairs as well as loungers and improving the whole aesthetics of the box. If the investment is there, the club could certainly make significantly more money from out boxes, renting them out at a much higher price. But at present, and aside from the APSS box, the others need much more than just a lick of paint.

Improve the Playing Squad

Lets not get too wrapped up in the ridiculous Team of the Year that was announced recently. But if we do make the jump into League One, the chances are Danny and Nicky will need to invest in the current squad so it can compete at a higher level. The likes of Jason Shackell and Matt Rhead may not be around next season, so there will be a need for significant investment. While the Cowleys are well known for their guile in the transfer market, the need for some impactful signings to helps us hit the ground running in League One (if we get there), will be imperative.

With all eyes on the potential exit of marauding winger Harry Anderson who has a number of high profile suitors, there may have to be quite a lot of reinforcements. Bringing a winger that can play on both sides would be extremely beneficial. Someone in the same ilk as the Lincoln icon Gareth Ainsworth or Imps favourite Peter Gain may be asking for a little too much, but with a bit of cash behind the Cowleys during the summer, it could help them persuade players like Luton’s Danny Hylton or maybe Forest midfielder Jorge Grant, who are both ranked highly on Transfermarkt at the minute to join the Imps’ cause.

Additionally, a bit of experience wouldn’t go amiss either. With Shackell’s potential retirement in the summer, Sebastian Bassong would fit right at home, if he too doesn’t decide to hang up his boots. If Danny Cowley was given some spare cash to spend you would like to think he could bring in some reinforcements up front too, potentially replacing Angol and Rhead. Dream signings? While cautioning on the realistic side, Mo Eisa from Bristol City or maybe Joe Nuttall from Blackburn to rotate with John Akinde could be a shrewd move.

Now as you can see from these suggestions, they are certainly not going overboard. All are pretty sensible in the long scheme of things. But to any Lincoln fan out there, if you do win the lottery, maybe it would be an idea to invest in your local club. For the time being, we can all dream, right? After all, who’d have thought the Cowleys could’ve taken the city this far? The seismic shift has been nothing short of mesmeric and it’s important that we all enjoy the ride while it lasts


  1. If I won £10m on the lottery I might give Lincoln 50k as a thanks for giving me joy, but essentially it is a money pit and the more you give a club the more it will spend and not change that much. Unless you really pump it in Lincoln will still be league one, league two level. Chesterfield had a stand named after a lottery winner pumped money in when they were league 2, where are they now?

    Chairman will forever be moaned at to put more money in. Prior to the Cowleys, Dorrian was called chicken bob and widely derided by all despite essentially keeping the club afloat when many had turned their backs.

    I’d give my £2m to Clic Sargaent so that they could kit out a whole set of accomodation so parents would live opposite the site where their children were getting Chemo. I know this article is a bit of fun and this pulls it down a bit, but it is just showing an alternative where the money would make a real difference. Now if you won the Euro millions and gave 100m to Lincoln, that might just get Championship sustainably for a few seasons at least.

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