Michael Bostwick nominated for PFA Award

Michael Bostwick is the latest Imps to be noticed in March, he’s been nominated for the PFA Player of the Month award.

Yesterday, Neal Eardley and Danny Cowley found out they were up for the EFL version of the award, but Bostwick is the latest Imp to be put to a public vote with the PFA.

Last month, Bruno Andrade won the award and was doubtless thrilled to be presented with it by me. Now, Bozzy could win it as well and I’ll be honest, if he does I’ll be utterly terrified at the thought of meeting him. What if he tackles me to get the award? It’s likely.

He’s had a great March, in fact he’s had a great season. He’s clearly a strong contender for the Imps’ Player of the Year and there’s little surprise his committed, no-nonsense approach has seen him nominated this time out.

You’ve only got 24 hours to register your vote… blimey. All we ever see to do is ask for votes at the minute isn’t it? I tell you what, I’ll leave the FBA voting off this one (unless you want to of course, in that case click this link) and give all the attention to a man who, if I found him in my bed when I got home at night, would get milk, cookies and tucked in.

He’s up against some seriously good players though. James Norwood is one on the list, he scored in every match he played last month. Illias Chair is another, he bagged a couple of worldies.

Bozzy; Player of the Month for March? Your call.



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  1. Bosie has consistently been our most important player this year – how many goals against has he saved by being in the right place – probably 6-7. How often has he been in midfield; passing, tackling, chasing… Ang of course he is up there in their box causing bedlam in set pieces. Bosie is massive and nearly always my man of the match. Not sure if any other League 2 team has anyone as influential, but if they do they must be near the top of the league

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