Four players we were gutted to miss out on, but wouldn’t thank you for now

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Transfer news is always the big draw on a site like this. Ever since the internet started pumping news out and measuring the response, it’s been obvious what you lot like.

There’s a market for previews and history stuff, especially when it’s finely crafted like Malcom and Tom do. You’ll pop by for pictures too, as well as informed opinion. If anything gets you clicking away though, it’s a transfer rumour.

This player might be signing, that player is unhappy. It’s a feeding frenzy whenever a story breaks and it just goes to show we’re never happy. Even though City are top of the league and likely to win the title, if this article was titled ‘Lincoln watching 20-goal striker’, it would get 2,500 views as a bare minimum.

Such is life.

We often work ourselves up over a player whom we know very little about. Strikers are easy to judge, you look at the goals for column and in most cases, it’s job done. Defenders usually get summed up on size alone, especially if you’ve not seen them before. There’s always Football Manager and Wikipedia too, they’ll help you get worked up with a name you don’t know.

It’s the names we do know that tend to get the most interest. If there’s a well-known player suddenly linked with Lincoln City, it becomes almost impossible to see through the reputation to the actual worth to the squad. After all, he scored 15 goals last season, so we need him. It doesn’t matter he plays alongside a striker in a 4-4-2 and we operate a player in the hole instead, we must get him.

We’ve all seen it happen, fans going wild over a player who ultimately doesn’t sign. When he isn’t an Imp, we’ve missed out. I’ve been guilty of it too.

Here’s four players we were hungry to sign at the time, but whom I don’t think would fit into our side right now.


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  1. Question: What is the difference between these 5 guys, which you fancied, and the players we bought at the time?
    Answer: None of them have had Danny as manager

  2. OK I,ll get the new ball rolling for the close season. I,d like to see us sign Ilias Chair for next season.

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