SW Player Review 2018/19 – The Central Midfielders

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Ah, the central midfielders. This one has been half written for a while and I didn’t see any controversy with it. 

I’m a bit worried now that one of the assessments is going to seem like sycophantic pandering after recent social media comments. It isn’t and I’ve been wildly misconstrued on another article but that’s the life of unofficial media.

I’d say it doesn’t bother me but, well… it does. That’s life I guess.

Anyway, I won’t let it deter from another article looking at the players who have won the title, this time focused on those who have played in the centre of midfield this season. I’m going to be looking at players with more than two Football League appearances only and in this instance, only the dedicated central midfield players. Without further ado, let’s crack on shall we?


Ellis Chapman


In terms of progression, this has been a huge season for Ellis. he began the campaign a boy stepping up into a man’s world and by the time he’s back in the fold, he’ll be very much a man having played 14 times for Chesterfield in the National League.

He’s impressed there and leaves with their best wishes. I’m not here to assess how he has done, but the indications are that if we sent a talented young man away, we’re getting the same back but with much more experience of senior football. His return is what prompted me to question the game time others might get next season as he’s definitely going to be involved much more.

On both occasions he got his head down and worked hard towards getting back in the side.

In terms of his Imps appearances, I think we only got to see flashes of what he can do. The controversial red card against Cambridge didn’t help his cause, nor being hooked at half time against Bury in a tactical switch. What it did show was his application and attitude, on both occasions he got his head down and worked hard towards getting back in the side.

His outings were always calm, he sprayed the ball about nicely and didn’t look overly nervous when he played. What he needed was minutes on the pitch and through his loan spell, that’s exactly what he got.

This might have been his ‘coming of age’ season, but next year is where he’s going to break through properly. 

Courtesy of Graham Burrell



  1. Chapman didn’t play enough to judge him.
    Freck in overall was a disappointment.
    O’hara was very good. If we’ll sign him that could be a massive player for us…
    Pett was ok. far better as CM than winger. Tidy on the ball. Not enough all important final passes/assists like for me though…
    O’Connor had very good season. In some games he was class. Question mark would be his fitness and ability to play every game I guess..

    What we are missing in our midfield is more creativity in my opinion.

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