Stacey West Quiz of the Season (#252) – November

Another day, another quiz. After all, we’ve got a few months to get through yet and this is the quiet period of the summer.

Can you remember November? Dark nights, chilly afternoons and of course, the FA Cup started.

With just five matches and a two-week lay off in the middle of the month, we’ve had to be creative with the questions, so don’t just expect matches and scorers this time out.

By the way, before you do the quiz, why not have a little look at my book below? It’s released in less than two weeks and I promise you, it’s well worth a read.


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You can now buy my book ‘Suited and Booted’ right here on the site.

It’s the story of my time as Poacher the Imp, the Lincoln mascot, and the struggles I faced with mental health during that period. It’s hopefully going to keep a few people entertained with Imps’ titbits, funny stories and of course a serious message throughout.

It’s released on June 7th at an exclusive launch, details to follow, but anyone who buys between now and next Friday will go into a draw to be at the launch.

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