Five Colin Murphy era players who could have thrived in Danny Cowley’s system

Danny often laments the close season as a time where journalists and bloggers have nothing to write about other than transfer rumours and possible manager changes.

To a degree, he’s right. In a world hungry for clicks, likes and shares sites have to keep their readers happy during the close season. What better than a look at possible players incoming, or speculating on outgoings? This week is perhaps one of the worst, play-offs are finished but June 1st hasn’t yet come around. It’s a quiet period where everyone is on holiday and stories are rehashed, repackaged and sold to you as something different.

Not here. I’ve been laid awake trying to think of a new angle for an article, something that you perhaps haven’t read before. I’ve done Keith era players who would fit into our current squad and vice versa, but now I want to go further back.

I’m going to look at the second generation Colin Murphy side, the one I watched from August 1987 through until May 1990. I’m afraid that rules out the likes of Trevor Peake, George Shipley and Mick Harford, all obvious choices. No, I’m going to have to think outside the box here and look across a three-season period in which we weren’t a bad side, but after the promotion in 1988 we perhaps just fell short of expectation.

My memory of some of the players is a little sketchy, so I’ve been researching since 6am, flicking through old Deranged Ferrets, reading sections of Brian Halford’s ‘Past Imperfect’ and a host of club programmes. I wanted to come up with a list of at least four players from that era that I believe would thrive in our current 4-2-3-1 formation.

I think I’ve done it too, so without further ado here are my four ‘Murphy Mark 2’ era players who would fit into the current set up and of course, why I feel it to be the case.