‘Suited and Booted’ Book Launch Latest

It’s now less than a week until the official launch of my life’s work. 

Sure, I’ve written books before, but they’ve all been pointing towards this one. The A-Z I did was to test out self-publishing. The Season in Blogs book helped me learn formatting and different font sizes. They’ve all been meandering towards this book and in just five days time, it’s out.

There is a copy or two in circulation already, review copies in the right hands. The story isn’t as closely guarded as the end of Game of Thrones, but I certainly think my last chapter is far less of a disappointment!

I’ve been promoting it locally; Rob Makepeace had me on Radio Lincolnshire, whilst Chris Illsley did the same on City Radio. The Lincolnite also ran a piece which you can find here.

Today I’ve been checking the copies I’ve been sent, putting those that are being posted in jiffy bags and wondering if I’ve got enough stock left. There are going to be copies available to buy on the night, as well as those pre-orders being collected. Do be aware though; there is a limited number and if you haven’t pre-ordered then there is a chance they could sell out.

You know what to do – get on the pre-order here and then get yourself along to the launch, or get it ordered with P&P so you can give it to the father in your life a fortnight today. The doors of the launch open to the general public at 8pm once the official bit is done, plus the bar is open too. We can have a drink together and toast me finally getting my arse into gear and putting this book out.

It’s not bad you know. I’ve been reading snippets and I’m happy with it, plus it had four people proofread as well, so it should be quite tight. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and pleased I can tell my story, warts and all.

It’s funny, it’s sad and at times it might be a bit too revealing, but it’s a great book. it would make an ace Father’s Day present, it talks about the Imps’ teams of the era and a few of the key moments from our recent history.

What are you waiting for? Get on the pre-order and I’ll see you down the TP Suite at 8pm on Friday evening!

Once the book is launched officially it will be available on Amazon, expected on Monday 10th. 

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