New Imps Book Released Today

‘One Hell of a Season’, ‘Cock ‘o the North’, ‘Impvasion: On the Road With Lincoln City’. All books well worthy of a read telling the different stories of our club.

Books that reveal not just results and table positions, but personalities, events and culture. They capture time perfectly, adding colour and vibrancy to the bare bones of fact. Books such as ‘The Official History’ and ‘Who’s Who of Lincoln City 1892-1994’ are the bones. They’re the building blocks.

Growing up, I wanted to be a part of that. I soaked up the Nannestad’s books like a Christian pours over the bible. I envied the writers as much as the players, two men who would forever be remembered as recording Imps history. In 2017, I added to the bare bones with my own book, the Who’s Who from 1993-2016.

Today, I hope to add some colour.

The blog brings some colour on a daily basis and, once a year, I now put out a season review as well. They chart the clubs success of late, but I wanted to do something more ‘niche’, something that tells a different story; a fan’s story.

‘Suited and Booted’ is released this evening, invited guests at 7pm and open doors for anyone who is interested at 8pm, my own colouring in of a period in Lincoln City’s history. I tell a story from a unique viewpoint, behind the big furry head of Poacher the Imp. It’s not only a book about the club though, but it’s also touching on the very relevant topic of male mental illness something that, in my own way, I suffered for almost all of my time as Poacher.

The football club is intrinsically woven into the book, the people, the players, the highs and of course, the lows (2010/11, my annus horribilis). First and foremost I’m a fan and I’m hoping that along with the laughs, along with the often scathing self-analysis, there is a story emerging you’ll find familiar, one of living through the club, the joy a win brings, the sadness a defeat and the utter devastation a Chris Sutton brings.

It’s a tale of a man who doesn’t live from year to year, but season to season. A fan who existed solely to serve his football club, omitting some of the other important things in life. It’s Lincoln City FC, from 1996 to the present day, told through the eye of someone just like you. The only difference being, on a Saturday afternoon instead of sitting in the stand watching the game, I hid behind a mask bouncing around like Bez from the Happy Mondays, then sat in the stand on my own, stinking like a dead animal, watching the game.

I’ll be delighted if you take the time to pop along and buy a copy. Anyone who has pre-ordered, your copy is safe. However, that pre-order window is now closed; the remaining copies will be on sale on a first come, first served basis this evening. After that, it’s Amazon.

Never on to miss an opportunity, there will also be copies of my Who’s Who, my season review of 2017/18 and my collaboration with Graham Burrell, Imperfect Focus on sale. They’ll be at a reduced rate too, just in case you haven’t already bagged a Father’s Day present, or your sibling has got him Suited and Booted and you were left with either a tie, socks or (if you were me growing up) 20 Superkings and a four pack of John Smiths.

I’ll see you there.