Thanks, no thanks – Doncaster Rovers

Being in a new division means I get to investigate a whole new round of players for this article. I like to think I can call it research, but to be honest given time constraints it’s perhaps a little more hit and hope than anything.

This week we face Doncaster Rovers and, for a side we’re geographically very close to, there isn’t a lot of transfer history between the two clubs. We have had a couple of players leave for them over the years and as you know, if they take a good player from us it’s cause for no thanks.

They have snatched John Schofield and John McGinley (main imagine) from us and both get an honourable mention here. Schoey is a top bloke, a former player and manager of ours who served us diligently. He’s still with Rovers now as far as I can tell, developing youth.

As for McGinley, he’s quite topical as he was the last player to score in three divisions for the Imps, until Harry Anderson bagged against Rotherham. ‘Jack’ had two spells with the club after arriving from Charleroi and briefly leaving for Rotherham United.

Another player to serve is well after leaving Doncaster was William Langham. He scored 51 goals for City in just 87 appearances for the club, albeit as far back as 1907-1910. He was part of the side relegated from Division Two, but he helped us bounce back from the Midland League two years later. Now, that’s what I call research.

As for regrettable moves, the 1987 loan of Glenn Humphreys didn’t turn out all that great. So, who else makes the list? Who else have they either taken from us, or given us, that made us laugh or cry?

You’re about to find out.



    • Yes and he replaced Norman Corner in the side resulting in us falling away in the hunt for promotion in 68/69.

      Thanks to Malcolm for that insight!

  1. Malcolm beat me to it. The boy wonder who sadly broke his leg playing for Donny, at the time Manchester United was interested in him. He came to City on loan when Ron Grey was looking for some experience in his team. He had an heck of a shot on him too. Maybe not has hard as Perc’ but was hard enough. Without checking my records, I believe Jeffery finished his playing days with Skegness Town

  2. Alick Jeffrey sadly was a busted flush by the time he joined us, injuries and an ‘ahem’ less than diligent conditioning routine taking its toll. Still capable of astonishing skill, but on balance a ‘no thanks’.

    Belive those who say ‘Branny’ was the best right back we’ve had in my time (50 years), Neal Eardley included though that is close. Tough defensively, great bombing forward whether in support of the mercurial ‘Whizzer’ Krzywicki or the more prosaic John Fleming, his party piece was scoring from corners when he’d stand on the goal line and (occasionally) knock in the near post corners from Smithy.

  3. What about Dennis Leigh . Fine servant to both clubs got his autograph over 50 years since as rovers fan in town centre

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