Thanks, no thanks: Bristol Rovers

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It seems almost alien to be doing an article as if nothing else is happening; this has been by far the busiest week on the site since I started it and to be fair, I could have milked it if I’d wanted.

I’ve not looked at several of the manager candidates I could have wasted time on; Culverhouse, Nolan and the like. It would have been easy but frankly, I only want you to read about serious options on here. I would have covered Michael Appleton, but Bury Me In Exile did it far more succinctly than I so I steered clear.

I also wanted to do a ‘5 best moments of the last three years’, but it’s too soon. Maybe one day we’ll look back fondly, but right now we have a job to do; win games. ‘We’ is right too, it’s up to us as fans to raise the f*cking roof this weekend and let the red and white shirts know that we’re Lincoln City fans and we believe in them.

So, on to another matchday and a new club to give some thanks, or no thanks to. I’ve given it some thought and we’ll start with a huge no thanks.

No Thanks – 17th May 2007


Can you spot me? – Courtesy Graham Burrell


It was the end of an era; the final game of our five-time play-off team. Sure, Keith had left some time before, but for six months John Schofield’s Lincoln were unstoppable. By the time Christmas arrived, we should have been firm favourites not for promotion, but for the title.

What followed was apathy and a lack of plan B. This was the highest finish we achieved in the whole five years, yet when we beat Chester on the final day it felt flat; as if we’d failed, not succeeded.

Our play-off opponents were Bristol Rovers, a side who finished well adrift of us in the table. A narrow first leg defeat was little surprise, but what did shock us was the second leg – a Ricky Lambert inspired 5-3 defeat and the end of the play-off era.

Within months, Schofield had gone, Jackson arrived and the decline set in. How different might it have been if we’d done them that night at Sincil Bank?