Embarrasing: Imps 0-6 Oxford

Credit - Graham Burrell

In my absence this afternoon, Jake Tonge has been on hand to write the first match report on the Stacey West by another writer. 

Well, where do I even start with that? I’m walking away from Sincil Bank not embarrassed but just disappointed. Were we that bad? Or were Oxford just a million miles better than us? Well it was a bit of both.

Coming into the game I was optimistic. Oxford hadn’t won on the road this season and we’d only lost one at home courtesy of some dodgy officiating last weekend. Looking at the performances at home this season, we’ve come out of the traps quickly. Getting the early goal and forcing them to come onto us. That suits us 100%.

So when Oxford started on the front foot, I thought that would play into our hands. Clearly, I was wrong. The start was in my eyes worse than at Rochdale. Sloppy going forward to say the least with the same phases of play repeating themselves across the back line. Oxford hadn’t come for just a point like it appeared that Bristol Rovers had the week before. In the early exchanges, they were slick in possession, giving the ball of Tariqe Fosu on nearly ever occasion.

Was it a shock to see Oxford take the lead? Probably not. They looked sharp from the off and caused us a lot of problems defensively. Just five minutes it took for the visitors to strike. Intricate play around the edge of the box saw Fosu presented with a striking opportunity. He made no mistake and cooly placed it out of the reach of Vickers. From my seat in the lower Co-op it appeared that Fosu had found the corner to precision. No complaints but from that moment on, there was a sense that we weren’t get anything from the game.

Perhaps in the period after their first was when we played our best football of the match. Bruno Andrade went close after Joe Morrell had turned over possession. A couple of corners followed but door delivery meant that the cross barely beat the man guarding the near post. It was becoming too easy for Oxford.

Whilst I may hide behind my poor view for the first goal, the second cannot be excused. A through ball sliced our defence open. Shackell was left exposed by the rest of the sides positioning. When the ball treacled towards the box, I think the majority of the ground anticipated that Vickers would claim and set us up again. Howeve,r a lapse in concentration saw Fosu nick in and slot the ball into the goal once more. Cue pandemonium in the Stacey West but boos from three quarters of the ground.

Two down at the break. Surely an early goal could see us come back and try and salvage a point. A lacklustre start saw the lead grow for the U’s. Former QPR and Forest man Jamie Mackie weaved his way down the right-hand side of the penalty area and curved an effort off the post and into the net. His effort looked to have been curling harmlessly out of play, but it curved back inside the post. More frustration amongst the City ranks.

The poor performance was taken to another level just six minutes later. James Henry was allowed the freedom of the Lincoln City penalty area to volley home a fourth. Seemingly it fell of a defensive body and perfectly into his path. You have to applaud the technique but again defensively the Imps looked shook. Unsure of where they needed to be positioned.

If you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, you was wrong. Fosu completed his hat-trick with fifteen to play. His effort from 35 yards crashed into the top corner with Vickers rooted to the spot. It felt at that point that every single shot that Oxford were having, it was flying into the net. If you break the goal down, Fosu was given the freedom of the city to get into a shooting position and unleashing a rocket into the goal.

Matty Taylor made it six. The less said the better. What looked like a free header managed to squeeze past Vickers. Hundreds of fans headed for the exit but what really made the afternoon for me was the way the supporters stuck with the players. Even six nil down, they were chanting and encouraging the lads. Their support was awarded the ‘Man of the Match’ award by BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

On a weekend where there will be bad memories on the pitch, off the pitch, City fans were outstanding. It will encourage the new manager as he watched on from the stands. I can’t see Lincoln playing as poorly as that again this season but I think it just showed what a bit of experience at this level can achieve. Oxford looked more street smart and cuter than us.


  1. Absolutely disgusting performance… Our players lost lot of respect in my eyes for not being professional, for not showing any fight, any willingness and let Oxford do what they wanted. Their players had all time and space of the world to score their goals. Shambolic…
    After this show I would be scared let J. Mc Combe to even walk my dog if I’m honest…
    I know it’s early days but looking at the recent results and you see relegation form. Looking at todays performance and fixtures and it is hard to see where the points might come from. Mr. Appleton has a really big task to do now…
    Only positive from today were the fans. Absolutely amazing support….

    • How on earth can you blame Jamie McCombe you moron! He wasn’t on the pitch. If he had been our defense would have been much better even with his advancing years. The fault was all at the players feet. To talk about relagation is madness. A good bunch of players don’t go bad overnight. They will be back, give Appleton some time with them and see……
      Moronic comments made as a knee jerk reaction to a bad day at the office!!

      • I know who was on the pitch, didn’t I just mention players? But who was in charge of the team, who was preparing team for this game in training sessions? We did not have a clue what to do, we did not manage a single shot on target, we looked like we did not know who we play until 5 mins before kick off….
        I know it was deep(too deep) water he was chucked on but c’mon if you can’t see any fault of Jamie then you are a moron…. (not my style but since you started personal attacks….)

        • Diana, you have been spoiled for last 3 years… we need to accept that we were well beaten. It is one game early in the season… The new manager will be given time and hopefully a little money to improve the team in time. We are a little lightweight at the moment in midfield… we need to be patient.

          • It’s very clear that a certain person has been blinded by love for the Cowleys and has a shallow understanding of how events, form, injuries, motivation , change and opposition performance impact on on the field performances. Oh that any manager could wave a magic wand and see immediate transformation on the field! But they can’t! Everything Oxford tried came off, nothing Lincoln tried came off. Oxford played well, Lincoln didn’t. The referee gave Oxford everything and Lincoln nothing. On the day, with all things taken into account – a perfect storm. A one off! Moronic, shortsighted comments indeed from some quarters….. watch and learn…..

    • I don’t think we will go down, hopefully. But starting from the game the Huddersfield town board were allegedly at the MK game watching our two managers, we have won 1 drawn 1 and lost 6 in the last 8 games, and I am keeping the league cup defeat to Everton out of it as just a bonus game. Is that not slightly worrying? Yes we are 10th but we were clear at the top over a month ago

  2. Well if any game put the cap on the Cowley era, this disgraceful result was it. I am not going to waste my time copying any report of the game.
    Make’s you wonder if any of the players are casting envious and wanton eyes towards the John Smith Stadium

    We can but hope Michael Appleton stamps his authority quickly on what is a good squad of players

  3. Gorge Agreed, that was only one game and I am pretty far from panicking. Trust me…
    I just can not stand lack of effort and respect for the fans, lack of fight. But with new manager hopefully that won’t happen again.
    Also I just pointed to the fact that we were like headless chickens out there and it’s mostly down to the fact that we were without manager on the touch line.. One shot on target, seven goals conceded in two home games against average opposition and according to some I have no right to criticise Mc Combe who was in charge? Don’t think so…
    Thanks God we’ll have a new manager from Monday and good luck to him….

  4. My worry is how deep does this go. I don’t mind so much losing 6-0, it happens. It is 0 points no matter what the score. My worry is with the squad we have been left by two managers with a lot of control and a certain project abandonned early on and after a time (transfer window) when it can be corrected. Firstly we are short up front, and we are short at the back. The previous regime love a small tricky midfielder with technical ability. That is great, and they were edging towards a new style. But with them gone it feels like that move has withered and without the direction it is causing real problems, when it fails it really fails. They players were still getting used to it, and if we take out the first 5 games I am not sure it has ever really worked. Against MK and Doncaster we looked good but we got caught be two more clinical sides for all our huffing and puffing.
    Secondly, and finally, do those players want to be here now the Cowleys have gone? Some of them no doubt signed because of them and are they now looking for a way out? Appleton has a big job on his hands in my opinion. He has to get a tune out of a squad that are very much set up for one style of play and there is very little room for adjustment at the moment. Will he get time though? We have a big fan base at the moment and not going over the whole plastics stuff, but well over 6k of them have known nothing but success and the Cowleys. I hope they give the new man time

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