5 former generals Michael Appleton could target at Lincoln in the next 12 months

A new manager brings all sorts of new and exciting prospects for Lincoln. Suddenly we won’t know what to expect in terms of substitutions, transfers and the like.

We’ve been spoiled in the last three years but to take a positive out of the recent upheaval, we’re back in unchartered territory. It’s unknown what tactics we’ll use, what sort of changes will be made and what attitudes will be shown to young players. Will Jordan Adebayo-Smith come back into the fold? Will we be looking to 4-4-2? When we’re bringing players in on loan, what can Appleton sell about himself that’s unique and different.

He’s been around, not just as a manager but as a coach too. West Brom and Leicester are both local in a way and with Max Melbourne already at the club, the stream of players might improve. If we’re doing well, who knows what riches could be added to this impressive squad already?

I’m sure he’ll want a striker, he might have to replace any of the current loan players who leave and he’ll surely be pulling in a few favours from contacts. Not just that, but he might well have a former player or two in mind he could bring to Sincil Bank.

Who though? Which players has he worked with who could add value to our current squad? We look at five former ‘generals’ that Michael Appleton might be able to lure to Sincil Bank.

Remember, if you’re not a huge fan of these speculative articles, please don’t criticise, just move on and we’ll all stay friends.


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  1. Hylton also got an 8 match ban in 2012 that definitely puts him in the never gonna cheer him bracket, as well as putting us down with glee

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