Halloween Howlers to Have You Hiding Away

I know I did something similar last year, but it’s Halloween and you deserved to be scared, right?

In amongst all of the pumpkins, kids in fancy dress and fake spider’s webs, there’s an important message to be heard; probably. I wouldn’t know, apart from Fe carving up a pineapple, it’s not something I bother with.

Traditionally people wore costumes and the like to scare off evil spirits on all Hallows Eve – these days you’re welcoming them to your door. It baffles me.

Still, once the kids have been at your do begging for free stuff under the menace of having a trick played, you’ll be doubtless settling down to a horror movie or two. Why not have a good look through this lot and truly set your nerves on edge?

2011 Relegation


Was it horror, or was it a tragedy? Who knows, but I won’t be watching this back, not once. Not even for a second, although if you squint hard enough you’ll see me somewhere behind the Stacey West, thoroughly pissed off.

The whole season could be classed as a Halloween Howler – from Chris Sutton trusting Ben Hutchinson to Pay Kanyucka ever being in a Lincoln shirt. Then you’ve got Elliott Parish fumbling his way through the final games.

I suppose the only positive here is that as we disappeared out of shot, uttering the immortal words ‘I’ll be right back’, we did actually come back. Eventually.