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As you know, I recently moved over to a patron scheme on the site.

It’s been a breath of fresh air being able to free ourselves of the adverts on the site and it’s become much quicker for users as well. Having to move over to more expensive hosting was a big outlay, but the generous and dedicated readers of the Stacey West have soaked that up. Thank you.

As part of the patron scheme, anyone pledging to the site gets entered into a prize draw each month. I’ve decided to offer three prizes, with the winner able to pick which he or she would like each month.

I’ll rotate them if one prize isn’t popular, but once the draw is done I’ll contact the patron and let them know who has won. I’ll be going live on Facebook to do the draw, it seems the easiest method, but contacting the winner directly.

The prizes this month are:

A copy of any of one my books you don’t have (Suited and Booted, Season Review 2017/18, Season Review 2018/19 or Who’ Who of Lincoln City)

An original copy of the 1974/75 Season Review Magazine & a copy of the Limited Edition ‘Cowley Method’ recently old out

A £10 Club Shop Voucher (available to collect from me at the next home game)

The winner’s name will be printed below once the draw has been made at around 3.30 pm today. There’s a good selection of things I feel at the minute, a bit of history with the 1974/75 review, something for those who read my books and of course, a club shop voucher for people not interested in books and memorabilia.

If you’d like to become a patron of the site, there’s a link you can click below. The conversion fees are paid by me, as the payment is taken in dollars. That’s the setback of using an American site, sadly.

I really appreciate all of your support which helps the site remain strong and full of good content.

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    • Hello mate, I’m sure I’ve had it before, but can you send me your address please? I’ve been getting my act together this afternoon around postage but need an address. Cheers

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