Stacey West Quiz #263 – Thanks to Rob Makepeace for this one!

I’m getting back into the quizzes at the minute.

I stopped doing them because the site was crashing and sluggish but, as a result of you lovely patrons of the site, the adverts are gone and we’re back up to speed in terms of performance. So, you can all thank the patrons for these quizzes.

If you’d like to become a patron for as little as £2 (it’s actually less at $2) then you can by clicking here.

If you’d just like to take the quiz, the link is below. Today is based on the quiz Rob Makepeace does on Hope and Glory each Friday. It’s called ‘Higher or Lower’. You’re given a starting point here and then each question is a based on a new player, asking whether he’s scored fewer or more goals, or made fewer or more appearances, than the player before him.

It sounds harder than it is.

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