The Type of Player The Imps Need in January

I know this is an article which will bring much derision from those who love to lurk in the background waiting to have a pop; you know who you are.

What I’ve done is tried to imagine the type of player I’d like to see us sign in January. With Michael Appleton’s contacts, it isn’t easy to pinpoint actual players; Danny laid a few more clues for us to pick up on, had his favourite teams or areas in which to shop, which made educated guesses a thing of wonder. Tom Pett, Bruno Andrade, Jorge Grant and Tyler Walker were all easy to pick out of the dark at various times, as loan players from Ipswich Town.

Michale has a large network of former employers, employees and the like. He’s worked with players from across the globe and it’s only when you listen to some players talk you understand how many he’s linked with. For instance, listening to the Undr the Cosh podcast he got a mention for his work with West Brom courtesy of Kevin Campbell, then a couple of weeks later Geoff Horsfield was on there talking about the same period.

One thing Michael Appleton will have is extensive contacts and whilst it’s easy to talk about pounds and pence, I suspect he’ll be pulling off a few surprise moves when the window opens. With that in mind, there are a couple of ‘types’ I want to see us sign and I’m interested to know if you agree.

Bear this in mind: When I mention a player here I’m not saying we need him specifically, but using his strengths as an example of where our squad could be improved upon.


  1. The way our shot shy team are performing at the moment with the exception of Walker, having Rheady back until the end of the season would certainly liven things up a bit !

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  3. Sat here in Bristol, the word around me is that Bristol City’s young captain and midfielder Josh Brownhill is going to the Premiership for big money in January – and the fans have all noticed Morrell’s performances for Wales. I’m concerned that they will want him back sharpish.

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