Shots, Headers, Duels and Passes – The Imps’ 2019/20 broken down and analysed

Courtesy Graham Burrell

With no football for a couple of weeks, it’s perhaps a good point to do a review of the season so far.

Usually, I go through each player and talk about how they’ve done, but I want to try something a little different this time out. This won’t be for Jack Mulhall though, so if you’re reading Jack perhaps time to pick up a book or something. Or, if you’re interested in some figures, stick around.

I’ve gone through the whole squad on Wyscout and looked at several criteria to find our best passers, shooters, headers and duellers. I’ve not gone into this with any preconception, nor do I want the numbers to prove a point to me; I want to see what story they tell themselves. Football is all about opinion and numbers give an opinion. Some might say a defining one, others perhaps feel it’s all smoke and mirrors.

That said, there is a heavy emphasis on stats these days, clubs employ people to do crunch the numbers on a daily basis and our rather primitive look will not be new to the people at our club, nor any other club. They’ll know this data, or variations of it, and perhaps even use it themselves.

Here’s the boring bit; the data doesn’t include the FA Cup because for some reason Wyscout doesn’t delve into rounds one and two. I’ve only used players with three or more starts across the remaining competitions; it would be unfair to lump Tom Pett in with guys who have played 20 matches. I’m only showing the top five in each category too; this isn’t a witch hunt and right now there’s little value in looking at the bottom players. Also, if a player in a list has got fewer than five starts, I’ve included the top six.

I’ve looked at passing, heading, duels and shooting, explaining how each metric works on each page. Please, do read with an open mind!

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  1. Pass rate … Mist of Jason Shackells’ passes are to his fellow centre back, so would be interesting to see results if they were taken out?

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