Best of Loans Part 1 – ‘They ended up signing’

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I promised an article outlining the best five loan players we’d had over the years and here it is. Sort of.

I decided to put the article together as we’re currently witnessing two of the finest loan signings I’ve ever seen play for Lincoln: Joe Morrell and Tyler Walker. We’ve had plenty of woeful loan signings, perhaps there’s another article there, but I wanted to celebrate the temporary heroes of our past.

As I started putting the loans together and trying to narrow it down to five, I realised loans were split into two distinctive categories; long term and short term. I didn’t want to be too specific on that as most loans now are long term, but there are also a group of players who signed for us after the loan expired, and others who did not.

Then there’s Sean Raggett, an anomaly of epic proportion. Or Michael O’Connor who did sign for us, but almost a decade later.

That led me to conclude that two articles would be best; the pick of the players who signed for us after their loan spell, and those who went back into the world to go about their business and rarely cross our paths again.

I’m not going to put Raggs on either list. For me, a loan is a player we don’t know coming in to affect the side. I know officially Raggs was a loan, but in essence, he was a gift from Norwich, wasn’t he? He was a player who we knew about and were desperately clinging on to, hoping to keep him in red and white. It didn’t end up that way for him, sadly.

We start then with my top five ‘they signed in the end’, the loan players I feel impacted us the most during their short stay. In some cases, they’ve done the same as ou player. In other instances, they didn’t. Which takes us nicely into our first name…..


  1. Re Jae Martin: ‘Perhaps John Beck didn’t know how to spot a player after all.’. And perhaps the supporters didn’t either – I well remember the chants of “sign him up!”

  2. I had completely forgotten how the Marcus Richardson signing ended up, well I remember Toner but had forgotten it was Richardson. That was a dark day for the club

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