Best of Loans Part 2 – ‘They ended up signing: the Legends Edition’

Yesterday I looked at the best players to come on loan and sign for the club and you noted the absence of a fair few legends.

I can’t play along anymore…. I’ve kept up the ruse of being clueless on social media, but I’ve got the legends edition all poised and ready to go. You see, some of the loan players we sign don’t just go on to be big players for the club, they go on to be bona fide legends.

The list reads like a list of your favourite players from a generation. I kept this list to those who played for us before 2010, hence Paul Farman being on the last list. There are so many big players who originally came in on loan and changed the course of the club’s history, playing few matches whilst belonging to someone else, but excelling when they landed on our lush green pitch.

We’ve got one of the first loan players to arrive at the club, we’ve got all-time legends and two of the most skilfull to ever ply their trade at Sincil Bank.

If our current loan crop produce someone like this for the club, the future is in good hands. Off you go, dive in!


  1. Finns will always be my favourite of the lot. I know you say Gain should not be remembered for his celebration, but I have to make no such adjustment for Finns as he didn’t do the same.

    Interesting that with all the loans though, none are as young as our current crop and feels different these days where players are not coming to get some game time and try and force their way back into the parent club having drifted out the side.

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