Where Do The Imps Rate In Random Stat Tables?

I’ve been busy today, believe it or not, with work underway on the summerhouse and everything carrying on pretty much as normal.

The virus hasn’t affected me too much, which is a relief. I’m less isolated than normal as Fe is home, most of my work is stuff unaffected by mass cancellations and last time I checked, we still had a few loo rolls left. Still, not everyone is as lucky as me, some are stuck at home with very little to keep them amused. That got me thinking, I bet those people would like to know where the Imps are in relation to League One rivals in terms of some random stats.

For instance, where does our average squad age rest amongst the rest of the division? Do we make more or fewer substitutions than our rivals? How do we rate in 1v1 dribble success table? If those questions have kept you up at night, you’re about to get some light relief. If they haven’t and you’re bored anyway, this will kill a few minutes of your time before the next fearmongering bulletin telling you everyone is going to die.

All stats courtesy of Wyscout


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