Pointless Lincoln City

To follow up on the hugely successful Stacey West Lockdown Quiz, we’re going to run another series of events for you to take part in.

This time there’s no title of quiz king up for grabs, that rests with Jon Leonard, but if you want to be a Pointless Lincoln City fan, then this is the quiz for you. We’re basing it on the popular quiz show Pointless (in case you’d missed that) which featured in rounds of the quiz.

Questions will be along the lines of ‘scorers in the 2016/17 season’, or ‘appearances in 1994/95’ and your job will be to get the lowest correct answer. It’s easier than me quizzing 100 Lincoln City supporters, at least for now. I don’t mind putting a bit of work in, but blimey….

I might also do rounds like ‘players called Gary’ or ‘teams who finished above us in xxx season’ and work out a scoring system there. We’ll see. Like the Lockdown Quiz, it will be experimental at first.

If you want to take part, let me know by commenting using the form below, or on the original Facebook video. Patrons, there will be one place in each quiz reserved for you if you want to play, details will follow on your emails.

You’ll need access to a webcam to play and Google Chrome browser, but you can also get on via most mobile devices.