Rob Bradley Rejoins The Red Imps Community Trust

On a day when so much seems to be happening, this little bit of news might have slipped by you, but it is incredibly important indeed.

Former Imps’ chairman Rob Bradley is back on the board of the Red Imps Community Trust. They put out a statement regarding the possibility of converting your remaining ST to shares and at the bottom, slipped in this little gem:

“The Trust also are extremely pleased to announce that Rob Bradley has recently re-joined as a member and has agreed to become actively involved in both the running of the Red Imps Community Trust and to play his part in supporting Lincoln City in whatever way possible. Many will, of course, recall that Rob was a former Chairman of both the Trust and the Football Club and his return to actively participating in the future of the Trust and Club.”

There will be a lot of supporters, possibly those 21 and under, who will not realise the true impact this man had on our club. He took over the wheel as we careered towards financial oblivion back in 2002, courtesy of John Reames handing shares over to the Trust. With Rob at the helm, we got through the ITV Digital fiasco and managed to get back on stable footing, experiencing some great times under him and Keith Alexander as manager. Many will reflect that in recent years, we feel like we’ve got our club back; well, Rob was a driving force around that happening at the turn of the century.

He would be the first to speak up about a plethora of other individuals who helped save us back then and he’d be right to do so, but he was the figurehead, the rank and file fan who ascended to the chairman’s office and did so with humility, dignity and integrity. Right now, many fans are saying Clive is one of the best chairmen we’ve ever had and I’d agree – Rob Bradley is right up there too.

Okay, so this isn’t him coming back onto the club board (although remember, we do get a Trust Board member on the board, which is currently Pete Doyle), but it is the return to the Imps community of a man who played a huge role in our history. I wish him all the best for his immediate future and believe that the Red Imps Community Trust is far richer with him involved.

On his Twitter profile, Rob said: “Pleased to be back involved with the Trust helping them and the club in any way I can.”

Thank you for a good news story on a tough day for football. Oh, and for that whole ‘Millennium Stadium’ thing from 2003.


  1. Rob was responsible for saving this club. Without him there would have been none of the successes of the last three years. He and big Keith performed miracles and made our club genuinely one belonging to the fans. In my view their achievement, having faced almost certain oblivion (read Rob’s book for the detail), in its own way surpassed any other period in our history. Welcome back Rob! Just hope you’re allowed to perform a role in line with your passion and know-how!

  2. Ace bloke, crying shame he was pushed out, never understood why. Welcome back, we shall be the better for it. The real Mr Lincoln City F.C. is back.

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