‘This is why I’m a Lincoln City fan’ – Supporters react to Clive’s open letter

The current season ended today, with the Imps finishing 16th in the table.

However, it isn’t the season ending that has made the Imps headlines, it is the open letter from Clive to the fans laying out their options for a season ticket refund. The club have had to wait before addressing fans and offering refunds, but as soon as the decision was made, Clive had an open letter published.

In it, he confirmed that the club are set to lose £1m as a result of the pandemic and the end of the season, on top of whatever else is refunded for season tickets this campaign. In an honest letter, he asked fans to consider not asking for a refund and converting their remaining ST value into shares. He did stress that anyone struggling to make ends meet should put themselves first, but asked that those who could afford it consider their options.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

His letter struck a chord with supporters online, who responded quickly. Whilst those commenting on Twitter make up a very small proportion of supporters, they did overwhelmingly back Clive and the club, pledging to keep their money in Lincoln City in the form of shares.

Not only that, but many were highly complimentary of the letter and the transparency with which the club have conducted themselves of late. It is worth noting we were the only club to put forward a new proposal for the EFL based on fairness, not on our own circumstances.

The way our club is being run at the moment seems to be striking a chord with supporters and, as a feel-good story in amongst the struggle of the pandemic, we’ve collated some of their best Twitter responses for you to enjoy.


  1. I have been an old fan since 1965, through bad times and good, been in the ground when there has been less than 2500 in the ground, but I never been as proud to be an old fan I have moved away, so do not manage to get to many games as I would like, keep up the great work,

  2. What a club! Been a supporter since 1956. even during our 13 years in Spain, and I don’t believe it has been in such good hands.
    Thankyou to ALL concerned and particularly to you, Clive,for bringing everything together
    My wife and I wish our manager and players ,old & new, all the luck over this period.
    Rgds John & Ann Rudkin

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