The released Man Utd players that should interest the Imps

Manchester United announced the list of players they are set to release today and I was asked the question whether or not it should hold any interest for us.

It’s quite rare the answer to a title comes in the first sentence, isn’t it? Well, the list is of interest, so now you know. If you only came here for that, thanks for popping by. If you want to know what interest it holds and who, read on.

Still here? Sweet.

Right, first of all, don’t take this as a piece of lazy journalism linking ‘Man Utd’ and ‘Michael Appleton’. That isn’t what it is about. let’s be honest, many of Michael’s contacts from his time at United will have moved on and spread out; if this were a lazy piece I’d probably have looked at the West Brom released list first. No, despite Michael’s heritage as a former United youngster, this is an article based on more. Firstly, Jez George.

We know that Jez put a compelling presentation to Arsenal which led to us getting Tyreece John-Jules on loan and it is widely understood to be a presentation he has made to a couple of top clubs, Man Utd included. As the Old Trafford giants are said to be looking after the players they have released, they’ll surely be offering advice and guidance. If our presentation was good, which I’m informed it was, then they may be pointing those young players in our direction.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Then, there’s Michael. Take away his Man Utd connections, he is a coach of high repute, as demonstrated by comments in today’s media by Liam Bridcutt about wanting to work with him. Those youngsters leaving United want a career in the professional game, so where better than under a coach who has worked with top players for much of his career? That’s the second compelling reason I feel we should be interested in today’s news.

Finally, the ‘model’ as we’ve billed it. Lincoln City are looking for young players who they can mould into future stars and sell on for big fees. Where better than to start with youngsters who have come through a top academy like Man Utd? Those players will have a level of talent and skill which presents an opportunity for the right coach. If the player has potential, then why can we not turn him into the next Marc Bola for instance, who left Arsenal for Blackpool and was sold for a big sum 12 months later?

With that in mind, which of the released players do I feel would be a good fit for us? That’s a question you’ll find answered on the next couple of pages, not just the first paragraph.